St Patrick's School is committed to all children having equitable access to education. We work with supporting agencies who share our vision; such as RTLB, Mana Ake and the MOE Learning Support Team. These groups of specialist teachers accept students onto their roll when they have been referred by the school. They work with students, staff & whānau providing support and recommendations for wellbeing, classroom programmes and home.

We have considerable experience with and expertise in

  • dyslexia support
  • numicon interventions
  • speech and language support
  • behaviour support

Teachers plan programmes and use strategies to cater for the individual needs of the students in their class. A student who is not achieving success may be offered extra support by the school. Classroom teachers refer children to the Learning Support Coordinator when concerns are raised about student progress. The staff meet regularly to discuss, prioritise, allocate resources and monitor progress of students on the Learning Support Register. Support that can be provided may include specialist support, therapy, staffing, equipment and other materials, property modification and transport, as well as advice.

At St Patrick's School, we work in partnership with whānau because we really are 'all in this together'.

If at any time you have concerns about your child's learning progress, speak to their classroom teacher in the first instance. They can access a variety of expertise from other staff members and supporting agencies so that your child has every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.