​​​​​​​Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission

St Patrick’s School Kaiapoi was founded by a group of sisters called The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions (or Mission Sisters). The Sister who began this group was called Euphrasie Barbier.

Euphrasie Barbier’s passion was to take the Gospel to far places in the world and to bring education and opportunities for all peoples, particularly women and children and the marginalised.

As a Catholic school we believe that all members of our school community should act in a way that respects the dignity, rights and individuality of others as directed by our Catholic faith. Our school values, the 3Cs - Caring, Co-operating and Called to Others - are based on the values of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission - Community, Mission and Contemplation. These core values underpin everything we do.

At St. Patrick’s we aim to prepare our lifelong learners by providing an education where everybody shares and lives the values, teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. Following in the tradition of the Mission, we seek to care, co-operate and answer a call to help others so we can make a positive contribution to our world.