At St Patricks Kaiapoi we accept enrolments from Year 1 to Year 8 (5 to 13 years of age).

Please email us or complete the expression of Interest form below and we will be in touch to make an appointment to see the Principal. At the appointment we will welcome you and your family to our school, answer your questions and give you a personalised tour of our school. The Principal will discuss preference and non-preference enrolments during your appointment and talk with you about our comprehensive transition to school programme called 'Little Paddy's' which includes up to 6 school visits and a visit to your child's Pre-School or Kindergarten, prior to their starting date. 

Please read our Enrolment Scheme below.

Email: office@stpatkai.school.nz

Phone: 03 327 7700

Enrolment Scheme for St Patrick's School, Kaiapoi


The Board of Trustees of St Patrick’s School, Kaiapoi, shall ensure that enrolments comply with the requirements specified in the Integration Agreement and Schedule 6 of the Education and Training Act 2020. St Patrick’s School is one of the parish schools of St Peter Chanel Parish, Waimakariri.

All students will need to obtain a Preference Certificate from the Priest of the Catholic Parish of Waimakariri, subject to parents and caregivers accepting and agreeing to the conditions stated on the Preference Certificate. Pre-enrolments at the school may be made prior to obtaining a Preference Certificate. However, acceptance for enrolment at the school is conditional on the issuing of a Preference Certificate. 

Enrolment Priority

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority: 

  1. First priority will be given to preference students who live within the boundaries of the former parish of Kaiapoi,  that now comprises part of the Catholic Parish of Waimakariri, as determined by the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.
  2. Second priority will be given to siblings of current preference students. 
  3. Third priority will be given to preference children of board employees or Board of Trustees members. 
  4. Fourth priority will be given to preference students whose family is on the Waimakariri Parish roll, who reside outside the boundaries of the former parish of Kaiapoi that now comprise part of the Catholic Parish of Waimakariri. 
  5. Fifth priority will be given to preference students who belong to another parish where there is no parish school.
  6. Sixth priority will be given to non-preference siblings of current students. 
  7. Seventh priority will be given to non-preference students living within the Catholic Parish of Waimakariri, as determined by the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

Enrolment Procedure

  1. Applicants will be placed into the priority group appropriate to their preference status. 
  2. Closing date for applications for the following year will be 1st October. 
  3. Parents and caregivers will receive notification of acceptance or non-acceptance by 1st November. 
  4. The closing date, enrolment procedure, priority of acceptance and notification date will be published in information booklets, the school website, and school and parish newsletters. 
  5. No enrolment acceptances will be made, promised or implied prior to the notification date. 
  6. After the closing date, the Principal and the Parish Priest will apply the criteria and prioritise applications for acceptance according to the priorities above. 
  7. Where there are more applicants available within the same priority category, they will be accepted in order of the date the pre-enrolments form was received. If pre enrolment dates are the same, allocation will be via ballot. 
  8. All applicants not accepted for enrolment will be placed on a waiting list in their order of priority. A parent or guardian may view their child’s priority at the school office. 
  9. Parents and caregivers of those applicants on the waiting list will be notified when and if places become available for their child. Parents and caregivers will then have seven days to confirm their enrolment. If no confirmation is received the applicant will be removed from the waiting list and the position may be offered to the next priority student.