St. Patrick's School is a state integrated school and as such, the overarching school philosophy is "... to provide a Catholic Faith environment which enables young people to develop the attitudes, knowledge and skills to become active and committed members of the Faith Community and to contribute positively to the world community.'' (NZCEO, The Philosophy of Catholic Schools in New Zealand, 2014).

Religious education is at the centre of our school. Religious Education is taught in every classroom. As Pope Francis said, "The mission of schools is to develop a sense of truth, of what is good and beautiful." This mission is delivered directly through our R.E. programme.

Each Classroom is furnished with a prayer table to start the school day with prayer. Each year group has a minimum number of hours of Religious Education (R.E.) per week, as described in the table below. 

Year Level                                          Total Time

One and Two                                        1 hour 40 minutes

Three and Four                                     1 hour 40 minutes

Five and Six                                          2 hours

Seven and Eight                                    2 hours 30 minutes

These R.E. lessons will be taught during the prime learning time of the school day, i.e. in the morning.