In a Catholic School, teaching is much more of a vocation than a profession. ‘It is an opportunity to participate in the mission of Jesus by sharing his good news with the young people in our care and their families in our community.’ from Tō Tātou Whakapono, Our Faith. 

This is the most important curriculum area in our school day. This is why our children come to our Catholic primary school rather than the state school down the road. We want all children to be inspired to look at their own faith and share their traditions as well as explore their peers’. Children are taught to understand and respect the beliefs of others. We also want them to learn about the world’s major religions and cultures through tales and facts.

We all teach and learn about our Catholic Faith (Religious Education) at the same time, across all areas of our school, Monday - Thursday. Every Friday we come together and celebrate Mass with St Peter Chanel Parish, at St Patrick's Church. We set the tone for each day at school with prayer. Religious Education follows our prayer time and helps us to integrate and weave this important religious learning throughout other curriculum areas, where possible. At St Patrick’s School we are all exploring and learning about our new Religious Education Curriculum for Catholic Schools: Tō Tātou Whakapono, Our Faith. We also use the Faith Alive Online Resource to enhance and supplement the new curriculum.

We work our closely with the St Peter Chanel Parish and join with them once a week for Mass, each Friday. Our Special Character Team meets once a term to plan liturgical celebrations and Special Character Events. Every term we gather together for a School / Parish Mass on a Sunday and we have an annual, friendly cricket game. 

We also work closely with our sister school: St Joseph's Rangiora for an Easter Hikoi biannually and we join for year level retreats. Our staff meet for Religious Professional Development and Learning.  

Please click on the link below to explore our exciting new Religious Education Curriculum.