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Susan Mullink (Secretary)

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St Patrick’s Kaiapoi PTA

The PTA at St Patrick’s Kaiapoi are an active group of parents who help with a range of things throughout our School and School community.Although we are very good at fundraising it is not all that we do! Keep reading to find out how we come together to support our amazing Tamariki and School.


Something that we do well as a PTA is Fundraising. We assist in providing items big and small that would otherwise fall outside of the school budget. We help towards the cost buses for those exciting trips and the materials for things like the ever popular Gaga Dodge ball pit. We love being able to support our school in this way and appreciate every single person who gets involved in our Fundraisers.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is a pivotal part of what we are as a PTA and the ST Patrick’s School Community. If you have been on the receiving end of Pastoral Care you will know how amazing it is and we are so proud to keep this going.If you do not know what this is here is a quick overview, please reach out if you have questions.

When a family in our School Community have an illness, injury, bereavement in the immediate family or a new arrival, our Pastoral Care team will jump into action to help support this family. This may be in the form of some meals/baking, helping with school drop offs or anything else that can assist the family during this time.Each class has a Pastoral care rep that you can approach if you are in need, or you can approach your class teacher or Trish and they can pass this on to your rep. This Rep then reaches out to other families in that year level to see if they can assist. If you get called on and you are not in a position to help please let us know so the rep can then move on down the list. The list of the Class reps is on the wall in the office.

Family Donation and Breakfast Club

We offer 2 types of Family donation each term.It is so important for our Tamariki to have the opportunity to take part in after school activities such as sport, drama, scouts etc which is why we started this fund.This consists of $150 to one family to assist in paying for an extra curricular activity for a child/children in that family.We also offer 1 term of swimming lessons to one family. We feel that it is so important for our children to have confidence in the water. We also understand that swimming lessons come with a large cost so we are hoping this can help many families. This will be available at both The Kaiapoi and Rangiora pools.If you would like to apply for either of the above please see Trish McKendry and ask for an application. This is handled very discreetly with only Trish knowing the recipients so please don’t be afraid to apply. It takes a village and we are very happy that we can offer this to our School Community.We have started a Breakfast Club which provides Breakfast and lunches to all students in need. We are lucky enough to be provided food from Food Satisfy and other organizations, and parents that volunteer their time each morning to make this club possible!

The PTA meet every second Monday of the month at 6.30pm in the Staffroom. Please feel free to come along and check out more of what we do. You can either become a member or be a helper of the PTA everyone is welcome!Also follow us on Facebook @ St Patrick’s Kaiapoi PTA to keep up to date with the latest info!! Any questions please contact us at pta@stpatkai.school.nz