At St Patrick's Kaiapoi students from Y4-8 are welcome to bring their own device to assist them with their learning programmes. We suggest chromebooks, ipads or laptops as suitable devices to assist them.

Students in years 4 - 8 MAY bring their own digital device to use at school to enhance their learning, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • The student and their parent/caregiver must read and sign the BYOD agreement before a device is brought to school. This outlines the expectations and responsibilities of each party.
  • The device is suitable for the purpose.

    It needs to be wifi capable, and come to school fully charged.

  • Parents record the serial number of the device, and are responsible for its insurance, servicing, repairs, etc.
  • Parents are also responsible for ensuring that the device has an antivirus program installed; and for checking and updating any apps installed on the device.

If a student breaches the BYOD agreement, they may lose the privilege of bringing their own device to school, and the school's behaviour management plan may be invoked.

Students from Y4 upwards are given a school google account once they have read and signed the school Cybersmart agreement attached below.