​​​​​​​School Board

The St Patrick's School Board is governed by an elected Board which took office in May 2022. Elections for 5 Parent Representatives will take place in September 2022.

The role of the Board is to provide governance to the school. The Board, and/or its individual members, are not involved in day to day operations of the school. If you have any queries about school matters, the first point of contact is the school office who can point you in the appropriate direction to have your query resolved by the right person or group.

Board meetings are public meetings. As a courtesy and for logistics purposes, the Board requests that members of the public advise in advance if they intend attending a meeting. If speaking rights are desired these need to be granted in advance from the board chair.

Current Board Members: 

Adrian (AJ) van Dam (Chair) 

Angela Paterson (Deputy- Chair)

Sam Stakenburg

Suzanne Paterson

Davitt Joslen (Property)

Lisa Stuthridge (Finance)

Angela Fordham (Proprietor's Appointee)

Carolyn Orr (Proprietor's Appointee)

Father Do Nguyen (Proprietor's Appointee)

Trish McKendry (Principal)

David Harrison (Staff Representative)

Janine Youngman (Board Secretary)